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Q. How fit do I need to be to attend class?

A. Our classes range from complete beginners to extreme fitness freaks - no matter your level you will find you will be able to enjoy the class.

Q. How old do I need to be to attend class?

A. Adult classes start from 13 years old and  Kids classes start from 5-12 years old.

Q. Can I pay monthly for classes?

A. Monthly subscriptions are available if required.


Q. How do I pay for classes?

A.  We accept card and cash payments in class or via direct debit.

Q. Is Kickboxing good for mental health?

A. Yes Kickboxing can improve stress, anxiety and depression with the endorphins released during training.

Q. Do Pride Kickboxing Compete in competitions?

A. YES!  We have students who train to compete and fight in shows across the UK.

Q. Do Pride Kickboxing offer a grading syllabus?

A. YES! Students can train to obtain grades and advance their training.


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